Birgit Baude

Author and graphic designer

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• For HAGE Musikverlag: Author and graphic designer
• Activity: Graphic designer
• Website:

Birgit Baude is a graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter and lives with her husband and two daughters in Munich. After her journalistic training at the Institute for the Promotion of Young Journalists in Munich, she studied fashion graphics at the German Master School for Fashion. She worked as a freelancer for the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation) and was employed by various agencies as a designer and art director. She lived and worked in Montréal/Canada for several years.

Birgit Baude is the creator of the cat Lilli and the drawings and pictures of the successful Lilli instrumental schools. Her funny and imaginative illustrations ensure that children and teachers alike have fun making music, playing and learning.

"I want my drawings to be fun - because children who are enthusiastic can absorb much more."