Erlebnis Boomwhackers® Songbook (with MP3-CD)

Play Boomwhackers® without previous knowledge - For all ages!

Order-No.: EH 3829

Uwe Pfauch's innovative teaching and learning concept now available as a book. Learn to play Boomwhackers® quickly and easily with 10 great songs.

- Without notes
- The quick start for all music enthusiasts
- Suitable for beginners and advanced users
- With different levels of difficulty for every level
- 10 stage-ready songs for performances e.g. at (school) festivals etc.
- MP3-CD with audio samples and playbacks to play along
- Suitable for single players and groups

More and more children, teenagers and adults discover the desire to play Boomwhackers®. Boomwhackers® promote the ability to work in a team and enable an unforgettable community experience. This textbook enables students of different levels, from beginners to advanced, to play music together. Best of all, no previous musical knowledge is required.

The book contains 10 modern songs that are a lot of fun and are excellent for performance at events, festivals or music school events. Each song contains several voices, one of which is always particularly easy. This makes it possible to learn a piece together, no matter if beginner or advanced.

The songs are suitable for group lessons as well as for class groups or percussion ensembles. Without much preparation, even teachers from other fields can immediately make music with the whole group. Knowledge of sheet music is not required. The specially developed colourful playing concept is easy to read and thus ensures quick success. After a short explanation, the first piece starts immediately.

On the enclosed MP3-CD all pieces are available in three different versions. One as an audio sample with playback and Boomwhackers®, one as playback without Boomwhackers® and one as a pure Boomwhackers® track without playback. So you can listen to all voices very closely.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3829
  • ISBN: 9783866263888
  • Lineup: Boomwhackers
  • Number of titles: 10
  • Number of pages: 72
  • Format: DIN A4, Stapling
  • Level of difficulty: 1/6
  • Release: 27.02.2017
  • Author/composer: Uwe Pfauch
  • Price: 19.90 EUR
demo_mp3_1 = Playback-Demo
1. Number One Spot (Hip Hop) - Playback
2. Number One Spot (Hip Hop) - Hörbeispiel
3. One Love (Reggae) - Playback
4. One Love (Reggae) - Hörbeispiel
5. Fly High (Pop) - Playback
6. Fly High (Pop) - Hörbeispiel
7. Funky Man (Funk) - Playback
8. Funky Man (Funk) - Hörbeispiel
9. Feel The Beat (Electro) - Playback
10. Feel The Beat (Electro) - Hörbeispiel
11. Summer Reggae (Reggae) - Playback
12. Summer Reggae (Reggae) - Hörbeispiel
13. Turn Around (Electro) - Playback
14. Turn Around (Electro) - Hörbeispiel
15. Low And High (Hip Hop) - Playback
16. Low And High (Hip Hop) - Hörbeispiel
17. End Of Night (Pop) - Playback
18. End Of Night (Pop) - Hörbeispiel
19. Wind And Rain (Rock) - Playback
20. Wind And Rain (Rock) - Hörbeispiel