Guitar Training Rock (with CD and DVD)

The ultimate training program for the electric guitar

Order-No.: EH 3931

The training for your success
Guitar Training is the optimal technique training for all rock guitarists who want to get ahead. Quickly, easily and with a lot of fun you will bring your lead and rhythm playing to the forefront: from bendings, hammer-ons and pull-offs to the various plectrum techniques you will learn to master the essential tricks of rock guitar with confidence.

Effective practice concept
Guitar Training is optimized for fast learning success. In three training rounds different main topics are treated. Each training round includes three levels of difficulty. Once you have mastered all the exercises, you can use the training song to keep what you have learned up-to-date.

High fun factor
Every exercise in Guitar Training consists of a cool lick or riff, based on the techniques of the great rock guitarists from Angus Young to Zakk Wylde. With Guitar Training you learn according to your own schedule. Just five minutes a day will get you noticeably ahead. Especially practical: You can immediately integrate every exercise into your own playing.

Best support
On the CD you can expect professional playbacks that make practicing as much fun as jamming with your band. On the Video-DVD the author shows you all licks in a moderate tempo and provides the corresponding explanations. The DVD also has a data section with all videos as M4V files. The videos are prepared in such a way that you can easily read them in iTunes* and transfer them to an iPhone**, iPod touch*** or iPad****, for example.

* iTunes® is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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**** iPad® is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3931
  • ISBN: 9783866262010
  • Lineup: Guitar
  • Number of pages: 44
  • Format: DIN A4
  • Level of difficulty: 4/6
  • Release: 25.02.2011
  • Author/composer: Daniel Schusterbauer
  • Price: 16.90 EUR

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