Hanjo Gäbler

Author and arranger

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• Instrument: Organ, Piano, Keyboard
• For HAGE Musikverlag: Author and arranger
• Activity: Composer, arranger, author, producer, choirmaster and lecturer
• Website: www.funkworld.de

The Hamburg-by-choice and exceptional pianist Hanjo Gäbler is producer, musician, choir director and publisher in personal union. Together with musical friends from Germany and abroad, Gäbler regularly records choral compositions that enjoy great popularity far beyond the borders of the country.

The wide range of funk, soul, jazz and traditional gospel becomes a real retro festival with a preference for the 70s. Those who have role models like Stevie Wonder, Al Jerrau, Andrae Crouch, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and James Cleveland can be happy when Alicia Keys gives her accolade, which Gäbler recently received from the US interpreter from New York. He re-arranged and remixed the song "Fallin" and won the "10th anniversary "Song in a minor - Fallin" contest, which had 1400 professional competitors all over the world.