Lillis Glockenspiel Set

The ideal starter set for little musicians from 4 years of age

Order-No.: EH 3912

This set contains everything your child needs for a successful musical introduction! The Glockenspiel is one of the most popular and lightest instruments for beginners. With Lilly's Glockenspiel Set, children from the age of 4 can now start making music. The cat Lilli is always with you and shows you exactly how it works.

Lilli's glockenspiel school specifically addresses children of kindergarten age. Step by step they are introduced to making music in an entertaining way. The booklet creates enough space for playing and free creation according to the age. Learning, practice and creative parts alternate in a meaningful way.

You can combine Lilli's glockenspiel school perfectly with the flute school and Lilli's drum school. The exercise books are coordinated so that children can make music together with different instruments!

High quality Sonor Glockenspiel
In Boomwhackers* colours, Made in Germany
With two wooden mallets
11 + 2 removable sound plates
With fis3 and b3 for replacement
Tone range c3 - f4

Lilly's Glockenspiel School
Especially suitable for kindergarten age
Fun from the very first note
With many well-known children's songs

Learning games
sheet music for colouring, note value puzzle

Boomwhackers is a registered trademark of Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC and is used with permission.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3912
  • ISBN: 9783866261617
  • Number of titles: 28
  • Number of pages: 100
  • Format: DIN A4, PUR Binding
  • Level of difficulty: 1/6
  • Release: 26.10.2012
  • Author/composer: Barbara Hintermeier, Birgit Baude
  • Price: 42.90 EUR
Inhalt aus dem Buch:
1. Lügenlied
2. Schokoladenlied
3. Zizipe
4. Sommerhitze
5. Lirum, Larum, Löffelstiel
6. Schneck, Schneck
7. Ganz schön faul!
8. Tigerlied
9. Willibald das Warzenschwein
10. Lucius der Leguan
11. Lilli fährt nach China
12. Ha, ha, ha
13. Helgolandlied
14. Hänschen klein
15. Heile heile Segen
16. Kuckuck, Kuckuck, ruft‘s aus dem Wald
17. Hänsel und Gretel
18. Es tanzt ein Bi-Ba-Butzemann
19. Laterne, Laterne
20. Alle meine Entchen
21. Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen
22. Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer
23. Der Mond ist aufgegangen
24. Grün sind alle meine Kleider
25. Die Piratenhochzeit
26. Jingle Bells
27. Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann
28. Ihr Kinderlein kommet