Lillis Recorder Set - Baroque fingering

The set contains everything your child needs for a successful musical introduction!

Order-No.: EH 3905

Product Variations:
Lillis Recorder Set - German fingering
Lillis Recorder Set - Baroque fingering
The recorder is one of the most popular instruments for beginners. With the "Flötenlilli", children from the age of 4 can now start making music. The cat Lilli is always present and shows exactly how to do it. Unlike other flute schools, the first volume of "Flötenlilli" is aimed specifically at small children in early kindergarten age who cannot yet read. Exercise and creative parts alternate and are structured in a clear and stimulating way, so that children can develop joy in their flute from the very beginning, enjoy playing on it and experience their progress with pride.

Soprano recorder
High quality soprano recorder in C
Three parts made of robust, hygienic ABS plastic
Absolutely pure in mood
Easy response
Warm, beautiful sound
Very easy to clean
With fabric pocket and wiper rod

flute school from 4 years
Tone range g1 - d2
Funny songs to play along on CD
Exercise pieces that correspond to children's hearing and are fun to listen to
Child-oriented theory
Note-Memory for do-it-yourself
Music cards and colouring pictures
Can be combined with Lillis carillon and drum school
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3905
  • ISBN: 9783866261631
  • Number of pages: 96
  • Format: 180 x 230 mm, Spiral binding
  • Level of difficulty: 1/6
  • Release: 26.10.2012
  • Author/composer: Barbara Hintermeier, Birgit Baude
  • Price: 24.90 EUR