Patrick Metzger

Author and arranger

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• Year: 1979
• Instrument: Drums
• For HAGE Musikverlag: Author and arranger
• Activity: Live and studio drummer, teacher, workshop author, writer
• Website:

Patrick Metzger is a trained drum teacher and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in "Pop Music Design" from the Popakademie Mannheim. In addition to his work as a sought-after live and studio drummer, he also runs the "Drumsformers" drum school. He is also a regular workshop author for the drum magazine Sticks, as well as a percussion creative advisory board and network coordinator.

He completed his percussion training with, among others, Dom Famularo, Prof. Udo Dahmen, David Garibaldi, Claus Hessler, Benny Greb and Jost Nickel.

Live Credits:
• Beatrice Egli
• AFSHIN (Popstar from Iran)
• Bobby Kimball
• Kate Russell (US Country Star)
• Guildo Horn & die Orthopädischen Strümpfe
• Gregor Meyle (Sing mein Song)
• David Hanselmann (Backing Vocals at Pur & The Voice of Germany)