Posaunen Fuchs Volume 2

The ingenious and fun trombone school

Order-No.: EH 3812

In a playful and enthusiastic manner, volume 2 continues the methodological-didactic line from volume 1. Important is the continuous progress, as well as the development of various musical and stylistic skills. Many well-known songs and duets help to significantly improve the approach, playing technique, as well as musicality.

With over 120 great audio examples and playbacks, it's fun to play. The audio examples are cited by QR code, which can be easily played via smartphone or tablet. The titles were recorded by Jan Ströhle. All exercises can of course be played without playback.

The Trombone Fox has become one of the most successful trombone schools of recent years. The complete school comprises 2 volumes. Ideal for individual or group lessons and self-study.

Top international teachers recommend this school. Why? Because the Trombone Fox concept really works. Countless great solo pieces and duets, musically valuable etudes, technical, flexibility and embouchure-building exercises, and a lyrical, songful approach to the "art of trombone playing" all contribute to students not only playing well, but also sounding good.

As an ideal complement to Volume 1 and Volume 2, there is a playbook with 75 popular pieces in duet and trio form. The "crafty" teaching concept is also available for trumpet, flugelhorn, clarinet, tuba, Bb and F horn.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3812
  • ISBN: 9783866260825
  • Lineup: Trombone
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Format: DIN A4
  • Level of difficulty: 2/6
  • Release: 02.12.2008
  • Author/composer: Stefan Dünser, Jan Ströhle
  • Price: 21.90 EUR