Top Charts 88 (with CD + Midifiles, USB-Stick)

The latest hits from the most successful stars and the best from the charts!

Order-No.: EH 3990U

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Top Charts 88 (with CD)
Top Charts 88 (with CD + Midifiles, USB-Stick)
Top Charts 88 - The latest hits from the most successful stars and the best from the charts!

Dua Lipa is back! With her new single DON'T START NOW the successful singer wants to close one chapter of her life to start another: Into a new era with a new sound. RIDE IT from Regard is a great all-rounder. Whether in the lounge or on the dance floor, the house beats create a relaxed atmosphere and simply put you in a good mood. It couldn't be better - Lena and Nico Santos join forces and deliver the joint hit BETTER. It is a bittersweet duet and a gripping catchy tune, which clearly shows the special chemistry between the two successful pop acts from Germany. LOTTE and Max Giesinger sing a song of praise AUF DAS, WAS DACH NOCH KOMMT: The plunging into the next moment, getting up after falling down and never standing still. A hymn to life! In their new song MEMORIES Maroon 5 look back on their 25-year band history. In their single the band wants to say 'thank you' to all those who have accompanied them from their beginnings until today and literally create new memories. With his new single Tim Bendzko wants to get out HOCH again. A motivational song, which is catchy, musically has a lot ready and calls for not giving up on the last meters, but jumping over its shadow.

4 booklets in one - The universal songbook for many instruments!

For guitar and vocals without notes: Lyrics with chords
With all the lyrics and chords, simple rhythm patterns and finger picking, you can play and sing the songs in no time. A clear display, bar lines and useful playing hints help you practice. All chords can be found at a glance for each song.

For piano and digital piano: piano arrangement
The piano arrangements have been arranged light to medium-heavy and are constructed in such a way that they sound optimally on the piano. On the enclosed CD all songs were recorded "live" by Gerhard Kölbl on the piano. Therefore all songs can be listened to before playing and are therefore easier to play and learn.

For keyboard and C-instruments: Melody voice in C
Melody voice with chords, complete song text, sound suggestions, tempo and rhythm indications. Also suitable for violin and flute.

For trumpet, tenor horn, tenor sax and clarinet: melody part in Bb
The melody part in B flat corresponds to the melody part in C. For this reason, there are additional playbacks for B instruments on the CD. Tip: If you want to play together with a keyboard, the keyboard must be transposed 2 semitones lower.

Professional Playbacks
For each song there is a professional playback on the enclosed CD. The playbacks are ideal for singing along or playing along.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3990U
  • ISBN: 9783866265110
  • Lineup: Piano, keyboard, guitar, vocals, and more...
  • Number of titles: 6
  • Number of pages: 72
  • Format: DIN A4, Stapling
  • Level of difficulty: 3/6
  • Price: 39.90 EUR
demo_mp3_1 = Playback-Demo
demo_mp3_2 = Piano-Demo
demo_mid_1 = Midifile-Demo
1. midi demo Don't Start Now Dua Lipa
2. midi demo Ride it Regard
3. midi demo Better Lena & Nico Santos
4. midi demo Auf das, was da noch kommt Lotte & Max Giesinger
5. midi demo Memories Maroon 5
6. midi demo Hoch Tim Benzdko