Trompeten Fuchs Volume 1

The ingenious and fun trumpet school

Order-No.: EH 3801

Product Variations:
Trompeten Fuchs Volume 1
Trumpet Fox Volume 1 (incl. CD)
Playfully and with enthusiasm the beginners learn step by step how to play the trumpet. Many new, but also proven methodical ways are incorporated into this school. The Trumpet Fox is now one of the most successful trumpet schools of recent years. The complete school comprises 3 volumes. Ideal for individual or group lessons and self-study. Also suitable for flugelhorn, cornet or tenor horn.

Top international teachers like Reinhold Friedrich and Bo Nielsson recommend this school. Why? Because the Trumpet Fox concept really works. Countless great solo pieces and duets, musically valuable etudes, technical-, flexibility- and embouchure-building exercises as well as a lyrical-singing approach to the "art of trumpet playing" contribute to the students not only playing well, but also sounding good.

The hallmark of this school is also its humor: with numerous comics, the author directs the attention of students and teachers to where it should be: To the joy of making music.

With over 140 great audio examples and playbacks, it's fun to play. The audio examples are accessed via QR code, which can be easily played via smartphone or tablet. The titles were recorded by Stefan Dünser.

This is how top trumpeters rate the Trumpet Fox:

Reinhold Friedrich, one of the most sought-after soloists worldwide: "The Trumpet Fox is 'the beginner's school'. A method that bundles profound expertise, all modern methodological approaches, and a large portion of humor and joy of playing in three volumes. Thanks to Stefan Dünser, there is now a relaxed and undogmatic school that is fun for the children and the teachers - and therefore successful. FINALLY!"

Bo Nilsson, internationally active star teacher/Sweden: "The school is excellent. I recommend it very often."
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3801
  • ISBN: 9783866260788
  • Lineup: Trumpet
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Format: DIN A4
  • Level of difficulty: 1/6
  • Release: 26.06.2008
  • Author/composer: Stefan Dünser
  • Price: 21.90 EUR