Erland Sjunnesson

Author and composer

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• Instrument: Piano
• For HAGE Musikverlag: Author and composer
• Activity: Composer, musician and teacher
• Website:

Studied piano (jazz and classical music) at the Music Academy in Malmö (Sweden) with Jan Lundgren, Marianne Jacobs and Håkan Rydin. 1997 Master of Fine Arts. Erland Sjunnesson works as composer, musician and piano teacher at the Music School in Helsingborg. 2011 he composed and produced his first solo CD "Nordic Soundscape - One".

Not too heavily composed, it manages to captivate players and listeners. His songs are unbelievably expressive and radiate with exceptionally beautiful melodies and harmonies. Once you have sat down at the piano with his books, you won't leave it again so quickly, because you are simply enchanted by this music.