Trompeten Fuchs Volume 1 in C for trombone choir (with CD)

The ingenious and fun trumpet school in C for trombone choir

Order-No.: EH 3804

Playfully and with enthusiasm the beginners learn to play the trumpet step by step. Many new, but also proven methodical ways are incorporated into this school. Top international teachers like Reinhold Friedrich and Bo Nielsson recommend this school. Why? Because the concept of the Trumpet Fox really works. Countless great solo pieces and duets from classical to pop, methodically valuable etudes, technical, flexible and approach-building exercises as well as a lyrical-singing approach to the "art of trumpet playing" contribute to the fact that the students not only play well but also sound good.

Another trademark of this school is its humour: with numerous comics, the author directs the attention of students and teachers to where it should be: The joy of making music.

The enclosed CD contains funny playbacks of many exercises, because with a band in the background practicing is really fun. All exercises can be
can of course also be played without playback. The Trumpet Fox has become one of the most successful trumpet schools in recent years. The complete school includes 2 textbooks. Suitable for individual and group lessons for trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet and tenor horn.
Volker Hemedinger:
State trombone warden in the association of evangelical trombone choirs in Bavaria e.V.
"It's nice to see that something is finally happening in the area of schools listed in C! And that with a trumpet school that is conceptually and methodically simply one of the best I have ever had in my hands. Apart from the many didactic and methodological approaches that are important for me as a trumpet teacher, the Trumpet Fox is also designed to be fun and will therefore be a lot of fun for students and trainers. I can only warmly recommend this school for all trombone choir players and am convinced of the success of this method".

Jörg-Michael Schlegel:
State trombone warden of the Sächsische Posaunenmission e.V.
"Solid, funny, nicely laid out. With the trumpet Fuchs in C another trumpet school for trombone choirs appears. The Trumpet Fox is particularly suitable for children in individual and group lessons. The accompanying CD can be used from the very first note."

Ulrich Rebmann:
State trombone warden of the protestant church of Kurhessen-Waldeck
"It is with great pleasure that I see in Trumpet Fuchs, the beginner's school for trumpet, a teaching work for practical use, which responds to the needs of students and teachers! I also particularly liked the "Atemspiele" (Breathing Games) - important aids for conveying the motor skills of breathing to the student in a "feeling" way. Parents are also taken along, in which the trumpet school addresses important questions of additional motivation and organisation when learning to play a musical instrument. All in all, for me the Trumpet Fox is a good concept for beginners' training! It's great that there is now also an edition in C notation, which we can use in the trombone choir work as an alternative or in addition to the group lessons also in individual lessons!
Many thanks for this!"
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3804
  • ISBN: 9783866261327
  • Lineup: Trumpet
  • Number of pages: 108
  • Format: DIN A4
  • Level of difficulty: 1/6
  • Release: 18.12.2009
  • Author/composer: Stefan Dünser
  • Price: 21.90 EUR