Drum Training Playalong (with QR-Codes)

The ultimate training program for drums

Order-No.: EH 3942

In Drum Training Playalong you will find playalongs that suit your playing level! Traditional playalong books often write down songs down to the last detail. The fun of playing is quickly lost, at the latest when the drum student reaches his playing limits. In Drum Training Playalong you learn to play great songs and improve your playing skills. You also get concepts to work on songs in the future.

Playalongs for every playing level
Drum Training Playalong contains 10 excellent playalongs. These are each noted in three versions: light, medium and heavy. So everyone, from beginners to advanced players, can play the version that suits them best. Each level sounds great and, most importantly, it always grooves! The individual levels build on each other. So you can improve your game step by step and effectively.

Practical and effective
The leadsheets are deliberately kept simple, just as is customary in live and studio work. On two pages each they contain the most important information about song parts and processes. Turning pages is not necessary. There are blank sheets for each playalong, on which you can create your own grooves. The playalongs contain a wide variety of important and essential styles. From rock, pop, funk, Latin to R&B and jazz, you'll find everything that makes the drummer's heart beat faster.

Best support through QR-Codes
With QR codes you can access all playalongs with and without click. In addition, every song in every level is available as an audio sample with drums and without click. The drum track was recorded in such a way that even the smallest playing details are audible, leaving no questions unanswered. The songs sound excellent and were recorded by top musicians. This makes playing along and grooving really fun! You can easily call up and play theQR codes via smartphone or tablet.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3942
  • ISBN: 9783866263284
  • Lineup: Drums
  • Number of pages: 108
  • Format: DIN A4, Spiral binding
  • Level of difficulty: 4/6
  • Release: 30.09.2014
  • Author/composer: Patrick Metzger
  • Price: 22.90 EUR
demo_mp3_1 = Playback-Demo
1. Guardians Of The Light
1. Level 1
2. Level 2
3. Level 3
4. Playalong mit Klick
5. Playalong ohne Klick
2. Halt Mich
6. Level 1
7. Level 2
8. Level 3
9. Playalong mit Klick
10. Playalong ohne Klick
3. Time
11. Level 1
12. Level 2
13. Level 3
14. Playalong mit Klick
15. Playalong ohne Klick
4. P-Jam
16. Level 1
17. Level 2
18. Level 3
19. Playalong mit Klick
20. Playalong ohne Klick
5. Freier Tag
21. Level 1
22. Level 2
23. Level 3
24. Playalong mit Klick
25. Playalong ohne Klick
6. He Took My Baby
26. Level 1
27. Level 2
28. Level 3
29. Playalong mit Klick
30. Playalong ohne Klick
7. I'm So Glad You're Around
31. Level 1
32. Level 2
33. Level 3
34. Playalong mit Klick
35. Playalong ohne Klick
8. Difficult
36. Level 1
37. Level 2
38. Level 3
39. Playalong mit Klick
40. Playalong ohne Klick
9. Mein Kompass
41. Level 1
42. Level 2
43. Level 3
44. Playalong mit Klick
45. Playalong ohne Klick
10. My Secret
46. Level 1
47. Level 2
48. Level 3
49. Playalong mit Klick
50. Playalong ohne Klick