The fabulous world of piano playing Vol. 2

20 nordic-romantic piano pieces

Order-No.: EH 3825

All books of the series “The Fabulous World of Piano Playing” include new exciting and modern compositions for piano. In this edition Swedish composer Erland Sjunnesson presents 20 excellent compositions that create a northern romantic mood in the mind of the listener. The author is already well-known for his two books “Nordic Piano Ballads 1 and 2” that were also published by HAGE Musikverlag. Again he manages to reach the hearts of listeners and piano players alike. Although easy to play the pieces impress by their dreamy and ballad-like melodies that are as inspiring as film music. Moving and emotional - that is how piano music sounds like at the highest level.

Via the QR codes, which can be easily played with a smartphone or tablet, you can access all the compositions, which were recorded live on the piano by the author himself. The recordings sound excellent and also serve as a learning aid. As a bonus there are special modern playbacks of 2 songs: one with piano and one without to play along to.
  • Publisher: HAGE Musikverlag
  • Order-No.: EH 3825
  • ISBN: 9783866262942
  • Lineup: Piano
  • Number of titles: 20
  • Number of pages: 44
  • Format: DIN A4, Stapling
  • Level of difficulty: 3/6
  • Release: 05.11.2014
  • Author/composer: Erland Sjunnesson
  • Price: 19.90 EUR
demo_mp3_2 = Piano-Demo
1. Azalea
2. Ballad In F-Major
3. Choral in F
4. Cinematic No. 1
5. Essential Waltz
6. First Day Of Spring
7. Frozen Moment
8. Idyll
9. Music Picture No. 4
10. Nordic Theme No. 6 (Piano solo)
11. Nordic Theme No. 6 (Moderntrack)
12. Nordic Theme No. 6 (Backingtrack)
13. Nordic Theme No. 10
14. Nordic Theme No. 13
15. Nordic Theme No. 14
16. Nordic Theme No. 16
17. Open Scenery
18. Place Of Peace (Piano solo)
19. Place Of Peace (Moderntrack)
20. Place Of Peace (Backingtrack)
21. Strimma
22. Summery
23. Variety
24. Vid Siljan